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This page documents the activities that led to the successful development of the PULS cooperation platform and the PULSerasmus web presence.

In addition to the public areas, there are additional information and exchange opportunities for registered users, e.g. in the forum or on the various pages on group-specific topics.

Public and non-public areas of the PULS cooperation platform

The international development team consists of: Dr. Petra Regina Moog Management and content, partner D9 [SOA – Sophia::Akademie, Düsseldorf/Germany] Lisa Oregioni Graphics, partner D1 [UIB – Universität Innsbruck, Austria] Katrin Schwahlen Web design and online editing [, Berlin/Germany] Heike Bablick & Heinz Machat Programming and web design [, Innsbruck/Austria] The cooperation started with several joint working meetings in Innsbruck with the participation of web architects* Heike Bablick and Heinz Machat as well as Dr. Petra R. Moog (responsible for the cooperation platform (IO6)), Ursula Spannberger (responsible for the school construction atlas (IO7)) and Prof. Dr. Eric Sidoroff (coordinator of the PULS+ project).

2018 the basic web architecture was developed for the pilot project: The primary goal was to develop a common platform for different professional groups (architecture, authorities, schools, further education) with different privileges and needs interested in developing Learning SPACE. It was also important that the platform would continue to enable exchange, networking and information in an interactive, sustainable and low-threshold way after the end of the Erasmus funding. Of the architectures tested (Moodle, HP5 etc.), a WordPress based database proved to be the most suitable. Since October 2018, the beta version developed in this way has been tested among the partners and continuously expanded and optimised.

Since March 2019, an interdisciplinary platform team has been meeting regularly for Skype conferences in order to continuously prepare, design and present graphics, online presence and the content developed from IO1 to IO5 in such a way that form, content and structure offer the various visitors a functional and attractive unit. The documentation made available here allows the development path to be traced.


  • Project Progress IO6 at TPM#1 in Innsbruck, December 2017
  • Project Progress IO6 at TPM#2 in Innsbruck, February 2018
  • Project Progress IO6 at TPM#3 in Linz, October 2018
  • Project Progress IO6 at TPM#4 in Brixen, June 2019
  • Project Progress IO6 at TPM#5 in Düsseldorf, November 2019
  • Project Progress IO6 at TPM Movetia-PULS+ in Basel, February 2020
  • Project Progress IO6 at TPM#6 in Brixen, May 2020

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