In order to achieve the 3 main objectives, which are (I) Development of education and training at university level, (II) Information and transdisciplinary networking of stakeholders from schools, authorities and architecture, (III) Develop sustainable digital and traditional distribution tools, the project was divided into 6 work areas (called Intellectual Outputs), 5 of which were funded: IO#1 and I#2 will be conceptually and contentwise a university course on master level as well as a further education for the practice. IO#3 should be concerned with the further education and professionalisation of university staff. This part of the application was excluded from funding. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

IO#4 and IO#5 are developing a handbook and a textbook. IO#6 is an online portal that serves the exchange between science and practice. Here, actors from research, teaching and administration can find information on current school construction practice, useful tools and event information.

IO#7 is a digital school construction atlas, which offers the possibility to inform about various innovative schools.